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317 Old Turnpike Road Northwest ~ Banner Elk, NC 28604

Here are some often-asked questions, with answers:

Q1. We have thought about staying in a B & B, but we think it would be awkward to stay in a stranger's home. What about our privacy?

A1. Staying at a B & B is more personal than a hotel or motel, but you also will typically find a warmer, quieter, and more relaxing atmosphere than in a commercial lodging facility. When you arrive, your hosts will show you through the property so that you will know where everything is. After that, you may interact as much or as little as you choose with your hosts and other guests. If you prefer a lot of privacy, your room can serve as your haven. However, many people find interacting with their hosts and other guests to be one of the most fun parts of their stay. People who choose B & B's are often friendly and people oriented, and some guests actually find long term friends during their stay.

Q2. We like to go out to dinner and then go dancing afterward. Do most B & B's have a curfew? Do they have a lot of rules?

A2. Generally, B & B's have no curfews and few or no house rules, other than following the Golden Rule. Mostly, we simply expect that guests will be considerate of others. For example, if you return late to your B & B, you should be considerate of others who are already sleeping, by walking and talking and opening and closing doors softly. If your hosts have other house rules specific to their particular property, they will let you know during your check-in tour.

Q3. If we don't feel like it, do we have to have breakfast?

A3. Absolutely not. However, making the decision to skip breakfast and letting your hosts know in a timely manner is really important. It's best to let them know the morning before that you will not be present at breakfast the next morning. At the latest, let them know the evening before breakfast. Many hosts shop, prepare dishes, and set the table ahead, so be sure to let them know that you are planning to skip breakfast, the earlier the better.

Do think carefully before opting out of breakfast - part of the B & B experience is enjoying a beautiful meal in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. It's a chance to visit with other guests and/or your hosts, pick up tips about the best restaurants, shops and attractions to visit, and generally get the day off to a good start.

So, either way you decide, remember to NEVER just not show up for breakfast. That is an inconvenience both to your hosts and to other guests, who may feel they must wait for you as their breakfast grows cold.

Q4. What should we wear to breakfast?

A4. Generally, you should dress for the day before coming to breakfast. If you have a special peignoir or morning coat, that will usually work, but brushed hair and teeth and washed face are definitely musts at the breakfast table.

Q5. What kind of a meal should we expect?

A5. Breakfast will vary from property to property. Some B & Bs offer only a continental breakfast, while others serve a large, gourmet-type meal. Some serve buffet, others family style, and still others serve plates in the kitchen and bring them out to the breakfast table. If the type of meal you receive is important to you, be sure and ask about it prior to making your reservation.

Q6. Does it matter what time we check in?

A6. For most properties, yes. Here, our normal check-in time is 3:00 to 6:00 PM. This allows us to plan our day (errands, appointments, meetings) around check-in, and also allows us to have some personal "downtime". If you need to arrange a special check-in time, discuss it with your hosts prior to making a reservation. Many hosts will be willing to arrange later or earlier check-ins, but do try to make it as close to the normal hours as possible. Most B & B's don't have front desk personnel, so your host will be giving up much needed personal rest time to accommodate your needs.

If you have any other questions, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-802-4487, or by e-mail at  

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